Horscroft Design can provide architecture, interior design, branding and graphic design services.

We carry the appropriate professional indemnity insurance for all these services. But the extent of our service depends on you and your specific project.  We will meet with you, discuss your project and make some initial investigations into the feasibility of the scheme and possible costs at no charge.  We will then provide you with a written description of the proposed service that we intend to provide and the professional fees that we will charge for that service. Our fees are paid in installments as the design progresses.

The client decides on the level of service required, but our clients usually ask us to undertake a full design service, which includes a full survey of the premises, followed by a fully illustrated design complete with samples of materials fixtures and finishes, followed by full working drawing which are then issued to a number of builders for competitive pricing. Tendering work is the best way to achieve value for money. We then inspect the work at regular site meeting until it is complete.

We always retain full copyright of our designs and no license to use the designs is implied unless specifically agreed in writing and signed by the director.

Our Fees can be calculated in a number of different ways.


• The most usual is to charge a percentage of the final contract cost of the whole job.

• The percentage that we charge is on a scale that we will agree with you.

• The larger the project, the smaller the percentage.

Fixed Fee:

• Where we have a clear, written list of specific items that we are to provide we can provide you with a fixed fee for those services.

Time charge:

• Where the extent of the work cannot be determined at an early stage we can provide you with hourly rates for each member of staff and the associated services that they provide.

• We keep detailed time sheets and these are submitted and agreed on a weekly basis.